Tips For Essay Writing

Most students hate essay writing. Their study load is enormous. Learners think they can finally have some relaxation at home, but professors end up giving them homework in the form of essays. It makes students more stressed.
You might start wondering - “Who can do my essay for me?” So you can save some time for a good night's sleep without the humiliating marks and the embarrassment of submitting late.
The good news is that a simple Google search of “someone to write my paper for me” will give you a list of professional essay writers ready to reduce your load.
However, for the students who wish to do it themselves and have enough time on their hands, it is sometimes the lack of skills that hinder them in creating A-worthy essays.
With these following tips, you should be able to successfully create a unique essay that will “wow” your professors!

1. Understanding The “What”

Your professor will definitely give you an instruction.
Read it carefully and understand what you are being asked to write. Highlight significant keywords such as “explain” and“compare”.

2. Topic Picking

Once you understand “what”, you can choose a relevant topic for your essay. Start brainstorming and write down any ideas you may have, no matter how ridiculous or awkward they may sound.
If you find it hard to come up with a topic, you can check out homework help reddit forums or ask your professor for assistance.

3. Outlining

Before you even go crazy writing your ideas, you first need to create an outline.
With your topic in the middle, do thorough research to branch out the topics. Make sure to add some of your thoughts.
Or you can also consider using the 5 paragraph outline:
· Intro
· Body One
· Body Two
· Body Three
· Conclusion
In each paragraph, outline a summary of your research and your own thoughts. This should make it easier for you to navigate or categorize any further ideas.

4. Body First

Follow this flow when writing your essay:
Body – Intro – Conclusion
Well, intros tend to be the hardest one to write, solely because you are trying to introduce and summarize the entire essay without even writing it yet.
So, to make sure you have an engaging intro, start on the body first so you can figure out the primary points of the essay.

5. Writing The Body

The body is considered to be the life of any essay. This is where you’re supposed to define, elaborate, and argue your topic.
And your main ideas will become paragraphs. Starting each paragraph should introduce the main idea and follow by supporting thoughts and relevant info as well as examples.

6. Introducing Your Essay

After you wrote the body, you now understand what your essay is all about. So, you can easily write an introduction that will make your audience read ‘till the last word. You can start with a “hook” where you can use a quote, revelations, facts, statistics, dialogue, or even your own story that is relevant and introduces the body.

7. Conclusion

Like the intro, the conclusion is also important, giving you a chance to sum it all up. Here, you can add your own thoughts about the whole issue of the topic. End it with the question or restate your argument and once again support your standpoint.
Whatever you write here, make sure it is only 3 – 5 sentences short and never introduce any new info here.

8. Checking

Now, you have an essay. But it’s not done yet. You need to check it and watch for typos and grammatical mistakes. You should also consider formats in paraphrasing, quoting, and citing references.
If you don’t have time to do so, there are online essay checkers available at affordable rates. Check out some of them to know about speedypaper discounts and other offers for students.