Dear Chief Justice John Roberts

My name is Jean and I live in Rhode Island, on the north side of Providence. Whenever I follow the news, I recognize a vast amount of how we as humans disfigures it . It can't cope with the excessive amounts of emissions and pollutants. I am writing this to you, Chief Roberts, because I appreciate all of your extensive work for the United States. And recognize you will be interested to hear how valuable the earth is to me, you, and everyone. 

I am writing imploring you to interpret and boost our country's laws on climate change making the majority of our energy source come from renewable sources . In a troubled economic nation, I would also like inquiring you which of our country's resources should remain a priority. In my humble opinion, our assured safety and education on how climate change undoubtedly affects us is a key thing. If we intentionally disregard our earth symptoms for needed help then I am afraid there is little hope for finding the solutions to our other many-faceted countries' problems . Furthermore, I question how much exactly a lump of coal drains from our country's budget. Since they are precisely the most used NON-RENEWABLE resources according to Harvard statistics. The necessary expenses for switching are financially low. The NREL society confirms these statements to be true.

The earth is dying slowly but readily because of us and we’ll die soon enough with it. We could all benefit from Renewable resources Physically and economically. Asthma rates have gone up significantly according to the USA Asthma association since 2001 scientists confirm its due to all the pollutants in the air. Wisely resolving it should remain the most absolute priority of our country. Statistics have strikingly shown America’s CO2 missions have been at all its time lowest last year. The evidence came from the most renowned news source in America, “The New York Times”. The reason these statistics are so important is because the main contributor to causing climate change is CO2 emissions, and we are a country that contributes to it the most. But, our country has not stopped utilizing a considerable majority of our Non-renewable sources. That's like saying I'll put acid on some burning wood but this time I'll use a little less, it'll still cause devastation no matter how much acid (pollutants) you put on it. The practical solutions were reasonably achieved in the Paris agreement, but our President took a leap into a ragged hole of environmental devastation. For all these reasons, I will be desperately hoping for an effective decision on the change of the laws on climate change. One where the value of our earth and independent country is properly protected and carefully preserved. Will you powerfully aid us or adamantly deny the confirmed truth? Much appreciated for your time and consideration.