Benefits of Marijuana - Example of Writing an Argumentative Essay

Marijuana has always been a controversial subject to address or talk about. It is one of the most divisive plants on the planet that divides people who are for marijuana and who are against it. It has different names depending on where you're coming from; some nae it as pot, grass, or weed.
But despite all the noise and arguing on whether this plant is good or bad, there are some real benefits that it offers. These benefits or advantages are one of the major reasons governments are starting to legalize its use, and products such as Purekana gummies ( are making their way into the market.
Having originated or evolved from Asia, marijuana has spread and is now in every corner of the globe. It's either used legally and illegally with the world's 158.8 million people using marijuana. It's a popular drug, and nearly 69 million Americans above the age of 12 have tried marijuana at least once in their life.
It's popular, everywhere, and people are using it, but what benefits do users get. Are there any real benefits that will improve your health or general well-being? Let's find out. You may start writing your argumentative essay speaking about the benefits of this plant.

1. It Stops Cancer Cells From Spreading

Cancer is one of the many medical or health challenges that people face daily. There is no real cure or vaccine against cancer, and it can affect anyone from young to old, rich to poor. But there have been breakthroughs or discoveries made on how marijuana can help out cancer patients.
Marijuana has a chemical called cannabidiol (CBD), which makes it ideal for medical use. Cancer cells have a gene called Id-1, which promotes the growth and survival of cancer cells, and this gene is overexpressed in over 20 types of cancer.
Therefore, when marijuana's CBD is used against cancer cells, the gene Id-1 is stopped, cancer cells stop spreading. It has anti-cancer properties, but it isn't a cure, but it will slow the growth of tumors in the breast and brain. The use of marijuana for medical purposes like pain relievers from this lazarus naturals review, and cancer treatment shows how impactful they can be in finding an eventual cure or treatment of cancer.

2. It Alleviates Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is feeling nervous, worried, tension, and excessive fear, which can interfere or affect your work, school, and loved ones, or people around you. With anxiety disorders affecting nearly 30% of adults at some point in their lives, it's common around the world.
Nearly 50% of Americans having depression are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. But, fortunately, with marijuana anxiety, and depression can be reduced drastically. Taking small doses of marijuana has led to the improved mood among users, and, therefore, it acts as a mild sedative.
Also, depression and stress are relieved by using marijuana. It's of great help to people suffering from anxiety and depression, but if a user takes marijuana in high doses or excess, they will be counterproductive. This means you might develop an addiction and increase your anxiety.
After mentioning all the benefits of marijuana in your essay, you have to conclude it and to mention that despite these benefits, marijuana is illegal in many countries, and with more benefits discovered by medical science, a future using marijuana is likely or possible. But there are still products made from marijuana that one can try or use, like the elixinol hemp oil or just cbd gummy bears, which are legal and will benefit you.